Every semester, the CASA-Granada Programs will include several cultural activities and excursions. Active student participation is expected in all of the program activities as they are considered an integral part of the overall learning experience.

The focus of our guided visits and hands-on activities will range from monuments to mountains, from musical to culinary, from ancient to cutting-edge. The goal is always the same: to offer co- and extra-curricular activities that are both educational and fun. We explore the city of Granada in depth and venture well beyond its limits too, traveling to destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao, and to Morocco.

In addition to walking tours with expert faculty and cooking classes with local chefs, students are invited to participate in a wide range of outdoor activities organized by the Center for Modern Languages. Students can hike right out of the city, mountain bike along trails behind the Alhambra, ski on the Sierra Nevada and sail on the Mediterranean Sea with trained and friendly CLM group leaders.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate examples of the many activities that CASA-Granada offers each semester is through photos…