Translation and Interpreting Program

Students with exceptional Spanish language skills (C1 or above) have the opportunity to directly enroll in a special semester program of study at the University of Granada’s Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, commonly referred to as “Traductores.” Traductores offers the largest array of linguistic offerings of any university in Spain and is renowned for its rigor in preparing students to translate and interpret at a professional level. Serious students of language will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in specialized courses that will significantly improve their language communication skills and give them a competitive advantage for career positions that require highly-honed second language proficiency.


Upon arrival, students participate in a mandatory customized course at the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages (CLM), which will prepare them for the challenges of undertaking academic study in a university system and academic culture entirely different to those which they have experienced at home. The 60-hour class continues to meet periodically throughout the semester providing the students with academic support and tutoring.

Students also undertake their studies at Traductores, enrolling in a course load equivalent to 24-30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) – typically four to five classes.

Examples of courses include:

Spanish Language (for High Advanced/Native Speakers)
Theory and Practice in Translation (Traductología)
Spanish-English-Spanish Translation
Spanish-English-Spanish Interpreting
Specialized English-Spanish Translation
Careers in Translation and Interpreting
Interpreting in the Public Sector
Interpreting in Commerce and Tourism
Translation in Science and Technology
Computer Technology Tools for Translation and Interpreting

Please click here for a complete list of courses and 2017-2018 class schedules.

Note: Courses may be limited in space availability and/or may require prerequisites; therefore, students should come up with a preliminary list of eight to ten courses per semester that can then be narrowed down to a final course load of 24-30 ECTS credits — generally four-five courses.

Program Calendar

 Fall term: late August to mid January
 Spring term: late January to early/mid June