Intensive Spanish Language Program

This program is designed to immerse students fully in the Spanish language and is ideal for:

 students who have had no prior Spanish language instruction
 students who are at beginner or low-intermediate levels of Spanish language acquisition

The program is exclusively language focused. Students are not permitted to enroll in content courses outside of the “Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española” (CILE).


This intensive course consists of 20 hours of instruction per week throughout the duration of the semester. Small classes (maximum of 12-15 students) are taught by expert Spanish language instructors who utilize a highly communicative and dynamic approach in the classroom.  Students are in class four hours per day, five days per week. Courses generally consist of two hours with one professor followed by two hours with another professor, with a short break in between. A student can expect to progress through approximately three language levels (maximum of four in some cases) over the course of the semester.  A student’s class schedule may vary each month according to the time their level is offered (morning session or afternoon session).
A general course description can be viewed here.

Upon arrival, students take a language placement test administered by the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages (CLM) and are placed in the appropriate level of instruction:

 CLM Levels Common European Framework

1 Beginner A1
2 Elementary A2
3 Lower Intermediate A2+
4 Intermediate B1.1
5 Upper Intermediate B1.2
6 Advanced B2.1
7 Upper Advanced B2.2
8 Superior C1
9 Proficiency C2

Student performance is carefully monitored throughout the semester-length program and placement levels adjusted accordingly.

Students in the Intensive Spanish Language Program must successfully pass each monthly class in order to receive credit for the semester (contingent on the express approval of the student’s home institution). Attendance, class participation, assignments and exam grades are all taken into serious consideration when determining a final grade for the class.

Program Calendar

 Fall term: late August to late December
 Spring term: late January to late May